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Shit Casual | December 16, 2017

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"Pokemon Go" On Hold Due To First Casualty | Shit Casual

“Pokemon Go” On Hold Due To First Casualty

Nintendo announced today that it will be withholding the release date of their new interactive world game “Pokemon Go” following the announcement that one person has died while testing the new product.

“Pokemon Go” is a brand new game developed by Nintendo where users can step into the fictional world of Pokemon to interact with real life Pokemon in our primitive three-dimensional world.

Fu Gang, 26, was a developer on the brand new Nintendo game set to launch in early 2016. While training and testing a Magcargo Pokemon at the secure Nintendo headquarters in Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan, Gang went to congratulate the Pokemon with a celebratory high five for a job well done.

Magcargo, the Pokemon that killed Fu Gang.

Magcargo, the Pokemon that killed Fu Gang.

Noticing that Magcargo does not have any hands, Gang proceeds to slap the top of the protective shell which, what Nintendo tells us,

“Severely burned and fried his hand.”

Nintendo of America

Magcargo have a body temperature of approximately 18,000 degrees F. Noticing the pain Gang was in, the Magcargo began to lick and try to heel the wound.

This caused more issues however, as Nintendo pointed out:

“It burned his skin and bones to a crisp.”

Nintendo of America

Gang died instantly from his wounds. This forced the staff to spray countless bottles of Febreze to soften the smell of burning corpus.

Nintendo said that “[s]afety is our biggest concern and after today’s horrific incident, we are stopping production of Pokemon Go until further notice.”

The Pokemon, Magcargo, has been put back in its Pokeball and crushed for recycled parts.


Pokeball Crusher used to destroy defective pokemon

Nintendo has not announced a new release date but we here at Shit Casual will keep you informed when the release date becomes apparent.

We here at Shit Casual send our prayers and condolences to Mr. Gang’s family and friends for their loss. Please comment below if you would like to share your favorite moments with Fu Gang.