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Shit Casual | December 16, 2017

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Gabe Newell: "What is HDR?" | Shit Casual

Gabe Newell: “What is HDR?”

Steam founder and CEO Gabe Newell stumbled while answering a question about the Playstation 4 Pro, asking “What is HDR?”



HDR is the latest buzzword in gaming thanks in part to the recent revelation of Sony’s Playstation 4 Pro. HDR stands for High-Dynamic-Range, allowing Playstation 4 to provide quality lighting and shadowing at 4K brought in part by a cinematic frame-rate.


gabe-newell-imagesNewell seemed confused when Arse Technica asked him: “What would you do about HDR if you were in charge of Sony?”

“About?” Newell asked, confused.


Newell looked at his assistant and then to his interviewer. “And what is HDR?”

“You’re kidding…” the interviewer said.

“No,” Newell responded.

“HDR is the new buzzword—it’s the epicenter of the Playstation 4 Pro.”

“Okay. Got it. With regard to Playstation, I do think it needs work.”



Newell concentrated on the removal of the 4K blu-ray player, citing that the rush of console generation change lead to an “awkward transition that we ended up supporting, and inevitably, these changes have led to a less dynamically stable videogame space.”


Newell also suggested that Sony should “join hands with Microsoft” to bring end to the conflict in consoles.


“What is HDR?”

-Gabe Newell


The press junket ended abruptly, and even Gabe Newell’s press secretary had admitted that Gabe Newell appeared to be “frustrated” amid the acronym of HDR. Gabe Newell promises to take a step back from his work so he can look into HDR. Fans should expect an announcement from Gabe Newell soon about plans regarding the usage of HDR. In the meanwhile, Steam users should enjoy the current apology flash sale for games ending in only 2.