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Shit Casual | December 16, 2017

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Crash Bandicoot Arrested for DWI | Shit Casual

Crash Bandicoot Arrested for DWI

UPDATE: According to McLean Hospital, Crash Bandicoot is in stable condition. An earlier article said he was in serious condition. He was removed from the hospital and put into a holding cell. We’ve updated this article to reflect his new mugshot and new condition.

Late monday morning – at around 7:30am, Police in Boston, Massachusetts were at the scene of a fatal crash that lead to two people in serious condition. Shit Casual has the exclusive photos from the accident.

Police say Crash Bandicoot was driving recklessly in a blue “go-kart style” motor vehicle off the Turbo Tracks near Papu’s Pyramid when he merged onto the i93 highway and collided head first to a 2013 Nissan Rogue traveling speeds close to 100 mph the official press release claims.


Shit casual was able to obtain photos from the crash from our affiliates who work near the exit. We’ve included them below.


Crash Bandicoot’s Go cart (right), Nissan Rogue (left-black)

When police pulled Bandicoot, who went flying head-first into the windshield of the Nissan, cops gave him a breathalyzer test test that clocked him at 0.80. BPD cops report to Shit Casual that he was very belligerent and started to attack one of the cops.


Nissan Rogue car that was involved in accident with Crash Bandicoot

Bandicoot was rushed to McLean Hospital where we are told he is in stable condition and has been released. He is now in a holding cell at BPD headquarters. Bandicoot has been charged with Driving while intoxicated, disorderly conduct and assaulting a police officer.


Crash Bandicoot mugshot from DWI Incident (2016)

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