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Shit Casual | December 16, 2017

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Activision To Release "Audience Hero Live" | Shit Casual

Activision To Release “Audience Hero Live”

Due to the overwhelming response of Guitar Hero Live, Activision has announced a prologue to expand on the success of the franchise.

Audience Hero Live is the first-ever game designed to give you the same feeling as being in the crowd of your favorite concert.

It features real game vibrations from the included selfie-stick as you try your best to take pirated videos of the bands’ performance, while simultaneously attempting to pick up the drunk chick next to you.

With live in-game story telling, you can create your own future by saying certain key phrases with the mic and/or with the click of your controller.


Audience Hero Live screenshot of gameplay

Robert Kotick, CEO of Activision, gave Shit Casual the first glimpse of the gameplay’s smooth graphics that feature the new mode entitled “STD,” where players must try to avoid the trashy seventeen-year-old gothic girl from kissing you.

While Shit Casual spoke to Mr. Kotick, he also hinted to some in game hidden extras:

“we here at Activision are so proud of the growing support for “Audience Hero” that we’ve decided to include two DLC packs for users who pre-order the game. This will allow players to unlock two free backstage passes and two tabs of ecstasy to make the rave concerts included in the game, more interesting.”

The sale price has not been announced yet, but we here at Shit Casual have speculation that the retail price, with selfie-stick, will cost around $99.99.

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Preview of official cover for Audience Hero Live by Activision

Preview of official cover for Audience Hero Live by Activision

We await to hear more from Activision on the release of this fantastic new title and when it is due to be released by the company, stay tuned on both Facebook and Twitter for updates!